Inspired by Farts

Yesterday during Haidong, my stomach did all sorts of annoying things.  So, I’m doing diet and exercise at the same time because:

Diet:  I don’t want to need to poop during class anymore.

Exercise: My diet is a terrible idea unless you exercise for the duration.

Here’s how the project works:

Breakfast (On a workout day): A bowl of cereal, a banana, two eggs fried in butter, and a bottle of cold, sweet, Mountain Dew.

Breakfast (When not working out): Three eggs fried in butter.

Lunch:  Half a pack of ramen.  A handful of tree nuts.

Dinner: 1 Chicken Breast, half a bag of vegetables fried in butter.

My week:

Sunday:  Workout breakfast, skip other meals.  Haidong.

Monday:  Fast.  Haidong stretches.

Tuesday:  Workout meals.  Krav Fit exercise routine.  Walk to and from work and take lunch at home.

Wednesday: Normal meals.  Krav stretches.  Walk to and from work and take lunch at home.

Thursday:  Workout meals.  Krav stretches.  Prison Bodyweight exercises. Walking.

Friday:  Fast.  Custom Haidong stretches.  Walking.

Saturday: Normal meals.  Run Like Hell.  Walking.