I will be using the Akrasia-fighting tool Beeminder to establish several habits I desire.  You can monitor my progress here.

Each habit will become the focus for a period of three weeks.  During those three weeks, I must also maintain the previous habits, but I need not worry about future habits.

Just because a habit has not come up yet (e.g. ‘Practice Haidong on a regular basis’ won’t come up for months) does not mean I cannot or will not engage in that activity yet.  It simply means that it is not yet something to stress over.

Three weeks apiece is nice and easy.

My order of priorities are thus:

Mindfulness:  I cannot succeed at any of these things without tracking them and summoning my will.

Fitness: With physical health comes greater mental stability, greater willpower, and therefor greater ability to succeed at nonphysical goals.

Creativity:  I aim to be a producer rather than a consumer.  My ultimate goal, therefore, is to regularly  create something of value.


Here, then, is the list of projects to beemind, as it stands:

  • Starting Sunday, May 31st: Beeminding.  That’s all: just check in 6.5 times a week.
  • Starting Sunday, June 21st: Getting to bed on time 6.5 times per week.  On time varies, alas, due to my schedule.  Getting enough sleep is the number one way to increase daily willpower.
  • July 12th – July 18th: Due to the Camping Trip, I don’t have a full three weeks to play with, so I think I will do a Plover Prequel:  I will spend this week working on preparing better Plover Decks so I can hit the ground running for the next project.
  • July 26th – August 8th: Steno.  My goal:  Do a ton of Plover Anki practice every day.  By the end of the project, I hope to have reached my current WPM.
  • 08/09 – 08/29: Exercise.  My diet I’m looking at now requires regular exercise to be effective, so this is the time to establish that routine.
  • 08/30 – 09/19: Diet.  The sooper diet o’ doom.
  • 09/20 – 10/10: Haidong.  This is where I really amp up the Gumdo training, take it to eleven.
  • 10/11 – 10/31: Monsters. Time to get the data I need for my Nano novel.
  • 11/01 – 11/21: Steno pt.2. Another focused building of speed with the goal of intentionally writing and finishing a novel in the last week!  Because that would kick ass.

The list may be modified two stages in advance.  E.g. I may, starting out, change my mind about meditation, inserting something before it, or removing or replacing it.  By June 21st, if meditation still comes next, it will be locked in, but I will be able to modify the cleaning.


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